Green-winged Macaw wall art
Red and Green Macaw and Squirrel Monkey
Parrot Art, Rainforest Decor, Monkey and Macaw Sculpture
Green-winged Macaw sculpture, polymer clay bird
Common Squirrel Monkey sculpture
Green-winged Macaw Wall Art, Squirrel Monkey and Parrot Sculpture, Rainforest Décor

Green-winged Macaw Wall Art, Squirrel Monkey and Parrot Sculpture, Rainforest Décor

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Do you love the rainforest, and look for wall art that no one else will have? Then stop right here! This beautiful hanging sculpture features a Green-winged Macaw and Common Squirrel Monkey. It’s a great piece for anyone who loves parrots and tropical décor! I sculpted this with Super Sculpey polymer clay, no molds were used. The sculpture was hand painted with acrylic paints and a polycrylic coating was used for protection and to bring out the vibrancy of the paints. The finished sculpture is permanently attached to a basswood plank and is ready for hanging in a favorite location.

Fun facts: The Green-winged Macaw or Red and Green Macaw (Ara chloropterus) is second only in size to the Hyacinth Macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus), the largest of the macaws. They generally mate for life. The Common Squirrel Monkey (Saimiri sciureus) inhabits the Amazon Basin along with the macaws. Squirrel Monkeys are arboreal, but will sometimes come down to the ground. They live in bands or troops ranging from 12 to 100 monkeys.

If you’re at all familiar with Squirrel Monkeys, you know they can be pranksters. I thought a Squirrel Monkey approaching a large macaw, like the Green-winged, would make an interesting sculpture. Both animals inhabit the same part of the Amazon, where they’re likely to come across each other. Who knows what this mischievous monkey might be planning!

SIZE: The wood plank measures about 12” wide by 16" high, and the entire piece is about 1 3/4" thick. It weighs 3 lbs. 4.6 oz. The macaw is about 4" wide across the head, and about 11" long. The monkey is about 6 1/2" long x 2 1/2" wide.

SHIPPING: ★Shipping in the U.S. is included in the price of this sculpture.★ This piece will be securely packaged, and will ship via U.S. Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation and Insurance in the U.S. I do ship internationally, please contact me for a quote.

Hi, I’m Nancy. I am a self-taught artist and I have a passion for sculpting.  My love of animals and nature are a part of me and I love to create my original pieces using polymer clay.  I strive for realism in my renditions and sincerely hope you enjoy my sculptures.  Birds, horses, big cats, and dogs are among my top favorites.  Special requests are always welcome.

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