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Simplicity 7677

Simplicity 7677

Are you totally fab and groovy? Do you have retro flair? Then the Mod era is calling you! While it's been many years since the start of the mod era in the late 50's, it's had a lasting impact on culture and fashion. Even today, when you think of mod, you can instantly envision the super cool mini dresses and wild prints.  The faces of models like Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy are still recognized and revered as the "It Girls" of the mod era. They modeled the fashions of the 60's with a flair that makes you want to wear those styles today. Guess what? You can! Best of all, you can adapt and create your own looks from the many mod sewing patterns that still exist today.

Take a look at our sewing patterns, and you'll notice we have a lot of totally fab original patterns from the 1960's. We are very lucky to have friends in another state who went to an estate sale and came away with hundreds of like new vintage sewing patterns. Most are from the 60's, and many are groovy mod styles that are still very popular all these years later.

Vogue sewing pattern 7048

Vogue 7048

The best part of being a seamstress is that you get to decide how far you want to go with recreating a vintage look. Do you want to go full out mod? Then, you get a truly outta-sight pattern like Vogue 7048, and make sure you use fabrics with bright colors!

Vogue sewing pattern 7207

Vogue 7207

If you don't want to be too far out, a pattern like Vogue 7207 shows you how it would look with either plain or patterned fabric. Trapeze/tent dress patterns have been one of our more popular styles. They transcend time, and offer comfort and style with charm.

Vogue 6994

Vogue 6994

One of the niftiest mod dress patterns we have is Vogue 6994, super sweet style! As you can see from our photo, it's reminiscent of English designer Mary Quant's fashions. She was known for her mod styles, and popularizing both mini skirts and hot pants. With our pattern, you can create a contemporary look that's perfect for a day or night out on the town.

Butterick 3552

 Butterick 3552

Speaking of nights out on the town, if you want to be the grooviest chick in the room, make a mod jumpsuit from super cool Butterick 3552! With so many options, you'll have to sew more than one so you're set for all occasions. The color block and ruffle-trim options make this jumpsuit an elegant stand out.

Vogue 6924

Vogue Special Design 6924

Now, speaking of elegance, if you love mod and want a dress that's really choice, you need Vogue 6924! This gorgeous empire waist gown shows how classy mod fashion can be, offering several variations to make the perfect evening dress. If you're looking to create a red-carpet ready dress, then this is your pattern.

Well, are you ready to sew your own mod dress yet? We hope so, and make sure to check out all of our 60's and 70's sewing patterns for more neato styles! We'll be adding new patterns regularly, so keep an eye out for your favorite styles.

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